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How To Estimate Moving And Storage Costs

Whether you are moving a one-bedroom apartment or a large home, moving and storage costs are likely to be a primary concern as you research your options. When it comes to moving companies, many services and options are available. Knowing what you need and how much you need to spend can help you better plan your move and your budget.

Potential Expenses

Many factors play a role in the costs associated with a move, including:

  • The distance of the move
  • The weight and volume of property to be moved
  • The size of your home
  • The number and type of fragile or specialty items that need special handling
  • The time involved in completing the move

Additional costs can include the costs of packing, storage costs and costs for additional insurance, which may be needed if you have heirlooms, antiques or other valuable items that need extra protection.


Getting a Quote

An experienced, reputable moving company should be willing and able to provide you with a written estimate for your move. A written estimate is a binding agreement that guarantees your final cost with no hidden fees and a clear description of all your requested services.

We offer free estimates for all your moving and storage needs, and our prices are guaranteed. An in-home estimate might take about an hour on average, and we will work to schedule it at a time that is convenient for you. We can also provide you with a quote over video chat, offering you a “Guaranteed Not to Exceed” estimate, and you will pay only what your move costs and not more than your guaranteed estimate.


Packing and Crating

One of the biggest stresses associated with moving is packing. Not only is this job tedious, but it comes with worries about items being lost, damaged or destroyed. You don’t want to arrive in your new home with critical household items broken. Professional packing services can add to the final costs for the moving company, but they can also bring priceless peace of mind.

We are always happy to help with any aspect of your move, including packing. Our concierge packing services take the guesswork out of this time-consuming job and free you up to manage other essential tasks. We use materials designed for the maximum protection of all your items and trained personnel to pack your belongings, including antiques, glassware, artwork and other valuables.

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Not everyone can move directly into their new home immediately. Sometimes there is a need to store items for a while, which is why we offer storage services as well. Bundling your moving and storage services can simplify your move and reduce your overall costs.

Loading and Unloading

At the end of the day, moving is a big job, and once you have packed or directed the packing, cleaned your old home and done the actual moving, the idea of loading or unloading all of your belongings probably does not sound particularly appealing. Professional movers can efficiently disassemble and move your furniture, boxes and other belongings into the truck and then unload and reassemble them.

We do not charge extra for this service, and we will uncover and place each item of furniture exactly where you want it. All you need to do is sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Free Estimates

From the moment you first call our offices until the last item is unloaded and set up in your new home, our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer fully customized moving and storage services for local moves in the San Francisco Bay area and for long distance moves in Southern California. Our team of experienced movers is fully licensed and bonded, and we use appropriate techniques and the latest equipment to ensure your property is safely handled at each stage of your move.

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