San Francisco, California

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What To Do In San Francisco, California

The Financial, commercial and cultural center of Northern California, San Francisco is both a city and a county. The city and the surrounding areas are referred to as the San Francisco Bay Area. Spanning roughly 4.79 miles, it is the smallest county in California and the only consolidated city-county within the state. With a population greater than 200,000, San Francisco is the most densely settled large city in California and the second most densely populated major city in the country, just behind New York City.

San Francisco has had an unrivaled influence on the history of California and the United States. The area was originally inhabited by the Yelamu tribe during the 16th century. In 1769 the first Westerner came upon the bay as part of the Portola expedition. A Spanish mission and presidio was established seven years later when Juan Bautiza de Anza marched from San Diego along with a settlement party. The Mission was named San Francisco de Asis and by 1808 it became a center of material and spiritual life for converts from local tribes.

San Francisco

Conquered by the United States in 1846, the area was invaded again in 1848 by an army of prospectors looking for gold. San Francisco became a cosmopolitan metropolis following the Gold Rush. The city experienced a large earthquake and fire in 1906 which caused ruin too much of the area, although the momentum of the city continued.  By the 20th century, San Francisco was a high tech leader in addition to being a center of progressive culture, military power and wealth.

Although San Francisco has lost a considerable amount through earthquakes and dotcom gambles, the city has never lost its nerve. From gold rushes to social revolutions to blissful hippie gatherings, San Francisco has always been home to experimentation and risk taking.  If there is something left to imagine or to explore, chances are it will happen here.

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Our Favorite Things to Do SAN FRANCISCO, California

Our mini guide below lists some of our favorite things to do in San Francisco.

Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, San Francisco is a haven for outdoor activities. Whether you want to try out some of the biggest waves or explore the city by kayak, your thirst for adventure will not be disappointed. Despite the occasional fog, Northern California has one of the highest concentrations of outdoor enthusiasts because of the incredible scenery and easy access to adventure.


Hang Gliding at Fort Funston

Considered one of the best hang gliding locations in the area, Fort Funston is located at the southwest corner of the city. It is an ideal launch site because of the high cliffs and steady winds. Contact Big Air Hang Gliding for lessons or a tandem ride. Hang gliders at Fort Funston can take in a high altitude view of the Bay Area year round.

Fort Funston is located at: Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Funston Road, San Francisco, CA 94132

Call Fort Funston at: 415-561-4323

Give Big Air Hang Gliding a call at: 408-718-7282



A family friendly outdoor activity, kayaking is great for sightseeing and adventure. While you are in the Bay Area you can take advantage of the kayaking options for any age or level of expertise. There is no better way to experience the Bay or view the local wildlife that call the water home. City Kayak operates off or Pier 40 and South Beach Harbor and offers rentals, classes and guided tours. We highly recommend a guided tour. You can even bring the dog!

City Kayak is located at: 40 Pier, San Francisco, CA 94107

Book your tour at: 415-294-1050

San Francisco boasts the largest number of farmers markets and restaurants supplied by local organic farms per capita in the US. The city also celebrates its vintage saloons and pubs coupled with the infamous wine country, providing patrons with an ongoing supply of America’s fines vino. You’ll need a truly smart phone to wade through the options in San Francisco but some of our favorites are listed below.



Known for laid-back service, the weathered wood interior and the location way out in the Sunset, Outerlands makes you feel like you are on vacation. You’ll find salty air, a beachy vibe and a menu full of fantastic food. Serving largely American standards there are also things like the Dutch pancake baked in a cast iron skittle (which comes savory or sweet) and the sourdough apple fritter. Nothing is fancy but all of it is worth a second bite. Be sure to grab an outdoor table on a sunny day. Outerlands is dog-friendly

Outerlands is located at: 4001 Judah Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

You can reach them at: 415- 661-6140


La Taqueria

The Mission district is known for its legion of taquerias and La Taqueria stands at the head of that pack. Receiving rave reviews for their Mexican staples, they were also awarded America’s Best Burrito in 2014. They’ve been in business for over 40 years and have the following to prove it. Their burritos are rice-less and if you ask for it “El Dorado style” they will toss it on the grill until the outside is a nice golden brown and the inside is perfectly melted.

Taste the goodness at: 2889 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

You can reach them at: 415-285-7117


Stones Throw

Stones Throw is the type of neighborhood establishment we all wish we had in our neighborhood. This is a warm and approachable atmosphere and small plates that are smart but unassuming. They also have one of San Francisco’s most intelligently curated beer and wine list. Their menu is seasonal but always has fish, meat and veggies to satisfy any taste. And speaking of taste, be sure to try the doughnuts, topped with PB&J at dinner or pumpkin spice and pumpkin butter at brunch.

They are a stone’s throw away at: 1896 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Give them a call at: 415-796-2901

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