Keep Your Valuables Safe with Easy Packing Tips

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Having the right information as you’re planning your move can really reduce your frustration level. We’ve pulled together 20 years of experience in the packing, moving and storage industry to provide you with the resources that you need to be successful.

Packing Tips

Do you know exactly what type of box to use to protect your family’s heirloom china or favorite potted plants? At West Coast Moving Systems, we are always happy to take the time to work with you to determine the best options for your particular situation. From packing crates and boxes to moving blankets and tape guns, we’re here to help make your move pain-free.

Move Heavy Items Down

When you’re packing boxes, you want to be sure to put the heaviest items in the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top. This helps keep your boxes from becoming top-heavy and potentially breaking apart. Try using smaller boxes for heavy items such as books, while larger boxes work well for fluffy or light items such as pillows, cushions or linens.

Fill in Gaps

You may finish packing a room and find that there are several boxes that aren’t completely full. Why not grab some small items from another room and fit them into the spaces? This helps you maximize your space and reduce the total number of boxes or crates that will be required for your move. Each box should be well-taped across the top and bottom seams as well as wrapping around the sides to reduce the overall stress on the box.

Use the Right Tools

Moving heavy objects or expensive items such as fine china or stemware requires specialized packing materials. If having someone come pack your belongings isn’t in your budget, ask your moving partner about the types of unique crates that they offer to protect your special items. Even the best wrapping can cause breakage, but using the correct tools for the job limits the possibility of an accident with your precious belongings.

Double-Box Electronics

Televisions, in particular, can be damaged by being laid flat for a move. To help protect your television or other high-end electronics, consider padding them, putting them in a box, then a second layer of padding and another box. This gives a secondary layer of cushion to help protect their circuitry during a move.

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