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One of the biggest frustrations that we hear from clients is that they’ve worked with moving companies in the past whose estimate turned out to be incorrect on the day of the move. When you’ve got everything packed up and are ready to go, it’s all too easy for an unscrupulous moving or storage company to find ways to add on to your initial estimate.

Our Moving Experts, Virtually in Your Home

At West Coast Moving Systems, we know it’s tough for individuals who aren’t familiar with moving services to determine how many boxes will be needed for a specific room. While it’s not feasible for our team to be there with you physically — we can join you virtually via a video chat. These convenient option is one that our customers love. It means we can give you an extremely accurate estimate upfront so you can make an informed decision about your moving needs.

No Add-Ons the Day of Your Move

We pride ourselves in giving you a single estimate for the services that you need — without add-ons that can really add up! Our estimates are very transparent, and our services can even be bundled to save you money. It all starts with setting up your complimentary video estimate where you’ll walk us through your home or office so we can get a good understanding of exactly how much time and effort will be required to help get you moving.

Video estimates are quick and painless, so give us a call today at 510-430-2667 to get started, or request an estimate online.

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You need to know that your items will be stored or delivered safely to their final destination. We have spent the last decade creating a moving and storage solutions business that is second-to-none.

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Packing up before a move is time-consuming and also includes many opportunities for accidents or injuries. Our highly-trained professionals will discreetly pack your valuables for moving or storage. Learn More Or Call (510) 430-2667

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Each moving project is backed by our licensed, bonded and insured team. Our promise to each of our customers is that we always provide the best possible price for your project, without any confusing add-ons or last-minute changes.