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A Bay Area Moving Company That Walks The Talk

Welcome to West Coast Moving Systems. We’re the leader in Bay Area moving and storage. Most folks choose West Coast Moving Systems moving services because we have clean, uniformed movers, moving boxes of right sizes and brand-new moving trucks.

We’ve been in the Bay Area moving industry for about 15 years, providing excellent service. Don’t take my word for it. Check us out on Yelp. You’ll find we have hundreds of five-star reviews from ecstatic Bay Area customers. We understand the moving game and know the kind of stress moving can cause in your life. Our experienced office and moving staff have been down this road many times and know where the challenges are likely to be and how to minimize the problems that can occur.

For further confirmation of our commitment to our Bay Area moving customers, check us out at the Better Business Bureau, where we’ve been A-plus rated now for over 10 years.

Full-Service Packing and Storage – Or, Pack It Up Yourself!

Now that I’ve given you little idea about our company and how proud we are to serve customers just like you in the Greater Bay Area, let’s talk a little bit about how to pack up your belongings in the best way possible to protect them during your move.

Just to be clear, we offer a complete packing service should you prefer it, which would include all labor and materials to professionally pack your household or office goods, but if you’d like to save some money or if you have another reason for wanting to pack your own stuff, here are some things to keep in mind for the best outcome.

The Right Moving Box for the Right Job

Let’s start with the small box, the 1.5 moving box. This box is for packing heavier items like your books and tools. Items that are very heavy going in the small box. You don’t want any box to weigh more than about 50 pounds.

The next size up is the 3.0 moving box. The 3.0 moving box is well suited for stereo equipment, pots, and pans. Heavy stuff that’s kind of bulky.

Moving on to the 4.5 moving box, this box is best for linens, pillows, lighter objects. You don’t want any box to weigh more than about 50 pounds, so this box is good for things that take up a lot of space, but don’t weigh a lot.

For items that are more fragile, you want to use our “dish pack” moving boxes. This is for packing breakables like dishes, stemware, china. This is a tri-wall box, it has more thickness. So, when the men stack them in the truck, the box doesn’t smoosh, causing damage to your fragile items.

Moving on here to our last box, this is the wardrobe box, a very popular box. We offer this for use on our local moves. This box is going to hold about three feet of clothing, hanging clothes, maybe 30 hangers in this box. Folks love this box. You put your clothes in here that you don’t want wrinkled…such as blouses, dresses, et cetera.

Thanks for taking time today to talk about the right size box for your next move. Give us a call to answer any questions you may have about packing or storing your belongings, we’re happy to provide you the guidance you need to make your move smooth and as uneventful as possible. 510-430-2667

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