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Prep and Pack Your Electronics Safely for a Move

It’s difficult to imagine life without our electronics: televisions to share the news of the world, mobile telephones that are a lifeline to family and friends on social media — even laptops and desktop computers that provide a broader window into the world. If you are like most modern families, you’ll have a significant amount of electronics that need to be packed carefully before you make a move. Here are some tips to help you protect these expensive items.

Before You Move

Packing and moving your electronics are only step one: you still have to unpack them and re-connect everything in your new location! Electronics cords have a way of multiplying over time, and it can be confusing to be faced with a ton of cords to handle at once. Try taking a picture of your television and computer cords and how they connect before you move.

Packing Components

Some items will have a “transport screw” which helps keep everything in place during a move. Specifically look for this on your DVD/Blu-Ray players, as internal parts can tend to shift as they’re moved around. Try to use the original boxes to tightly pack everything whenever possible. If those aren’t available, your professional moving company should be able to provide adequate padding and the correct type and size of boxes to keep everything safe.

Moving Computers and Laptops

Before packing everything up, be sure you’ve got a full backup of all of your important data — preferably in the cloud or on an external storage device. That way, you won’t be missing critical information if anything should happen during the move. If you have lots of different cords connecting our computers and laptops, try color coding them or adding colored dots to know where everything should be re-connected at your final destination.

When you have everything carefully packed, you can feel confident that your electronics will arrive safe and sound. Need help getting your packing and move in order? Contact the friendly professionals at West Coast Moving Systems for all your moving and storage needs at 510-893-3810.

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Moving to Daly City? Here are some helpful resources to get you started.

How long has your company been in business?

West Coast Moving Systems has been helping companies and individuals to move throughout the area for more than 40 years! You can check our ratings and reviews to see a few of our happy clients.

Is a virtual estimate the best way to get an accurate idea of the cost of my Daly City move?

Yes! Virtual, or video, estimates allow us to walk through your move, getting an idea of the size of your rooms, the type of furniture and other important details. Then, we provide you a customized estimate based on your unique situation.

How can I be sure my items won’t be damaged during a move?

Our experts will work with you to get the right packing materials and tools to protect your valuables. From specialized dish boxes and wardrobe boxes to floor runners to reduce scratches, we have you covered for moving supplies.
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